Weekend in Paris

This July marked three years of marriage for us. We’ve changed, we’ve loved, and we’re better for it. As I tell Sé daily, we’re better together.

For our anniversary this year, we wanted to do something special. Paris. We jumped on a plane Friday night after work to spend a 3 day weekend in the beautiful city.

I’ll keep it short and let the pictures speak for themselves, but I wanted to highlight two parts of our trip. After seeing Notre Dame de Paris, we walked over to take a peek at Sainte Chapelle. In the process of doing that, we noticed they were in the middle of a classical concert series. The show for that night? Four Seasons by Vivaldi… the music we had a quartet play at our wedding. Hearing that music in a cathedral built in the mid thirteenth century was nothing short of divine. We’ll never forget that show.

The next day we headed over to the Louvre. The sheer vastness of that museum was shocking. At one point we were both quite thirsty and hungry… it was at that point we realized we had already been there for five hours. The splendor of that place was breath-taking.

While we did some of the typical Paris things: dinner under the Eiffel Tower, stuffing our faces with pan aux raisins, and walking along the river, we wanted to focus in on the arts. It’s something both Sé and I value and enjoy. Lately our world has seemingly been filled with chaos, but this trip reminded us of the great beauty humans have created, specifically in the arts. It was a timely and necessary reminder.

Over the River in Paris
Parisian streets1.jpg
The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
— Michelangelo