Spoken Dreams

When I was young I dreamed of traveling the world. I didn’t travel often, and my first time out of the country wasn’t until college. My first trip abroad was to Kenya. The contrast to the life I was used to was stark there, and it set me down the path of getting my undergraduate and graduate degree in the international relations and development sector. This along with trips to quite a few countries instilled in me a passion for the connected world we live in. Over the past few years I’ve developed a dream of becoming a foreign service officer. More commonly known as a diplomat. I’ve recently finished grad school, and now my focus has turned towards studying for the first step of the process, the Foreign Service Officer Test. You’ll probably see multiple update posts here about the process. It’s long, tedious, and has a pretty high fail rate. Should be fun.

I share this for a couple different reasons. Firstly, when we speak our dreams and passions, they come alive. It propels us forward. It’s something Sé has taught me. Secondly, the process of getting through grad school and getting to this point  would not have been possible without her. We’ve found that a beautiful aspect of relationship is support for the other’s dreams. This is a story for another time, but it’s in part what led Sé and I to start dating. Fast forward a few years, and it still remains one of the strongest parts of our relationship. There is nothing quite like having a spouse that knows your dreams, speaks those dreams, and pushes you towards them. Here’s to that dream.