Seoul Coffee Tour Pt. 1


One of the MANY things we love about Seoul is coffee -- both the amount of unique coffee shops around the city and the quality of coffee that you can find. As we travel around the world, coffee is always something we try to make a priority. Not only do we love it for the excellent flavor notes, but we also enjoy what the environment brings. Mainly, we enjoy just sitting and talking about our dreams, flipping through a good magazine, and simply sharing the time together. There are way too many shops to put in one post, so we're going to start out simple and share with you the shops we visit as we visit them. Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 in the next year!

Daelim Changgo Gallery COLUMN

The first place on the is Daelim Changgo Gallery COLUMN. First off, you'll notice as you look through the pictures, it's not just a coffee shop. Not only do they serve coffee, treats, and even beer, but it's a functioning art gallery as well. It also has one of the most unique insides that I've ever seen in a shop. Located in the middle of a warehouse-like art district, you could be right next to it and never imagine it being there. It's housed in a giant warehouse with working/moving art pieces both on display and hanging from the rafters. They also have multiple garden areas with florishing greens and even trees growing. If you're in Seoul, it's worth a trip just to see this place.


Fritz coffee company

Fritz Coffee Company comes number 2 on our list. Fritz was opened by a former barista champion, a baker, and a coffee buyer, so you know you are going to get some quality coffee and baked goods. We had an espresso and cappuccino while there, and I'm never surprised by their perfect drinks. Their baked goods are also second to none. Apart from their incredible drinks and goods, they also have multiple wonderful locations that seem to capture the historical Korean feel mixed with contemporary architecture giving you a unique experience. Definitely worth a stop at any of their locations. Be sure to look out for their incredibly catchy seal logo.



Cafe d_55 is another unique shop in Seoul. They do a great job making their multi-purpose cafe both unique and stylish. They offer a full menu as well as incredible desserts and coffee. You'll also notice that part of the cafe serves as a small business as they also sell furniture and other goods out of the space. It's wonderful place to sip on a drink and escape the rain as we did.

Steamers Coffee Roasting Co

Last on our list, but certainly one of our ultimate favorites is Steamers. Steamers has a special place in our hearts partly due to us knowing the owner and partly due to us stopping here nearly every day we have ever been in Korea together. They have 3 locations, and these pictures are from their most recent knows as Steamers Coffee Lounge. The owner really cares about the quality of bean, roast, and execution of their drinks, so you'll always get a good drink. Their locations are also extremely welcoming. If you ever find yourself here, ask for the owner, and tell them Chris and Sé say hello!



More to come after our next trip to Seoul...