Roadtrip to Belgium


The last few weeks have been stressful for us as we’ve been working to find a more permanent home in Den Haag. Navigating different housing restrictions and learning more about how renting works in the Netherlands has taken up a huge space in our minds (until now!). We’ve found a place that we’re ready to call home for the next foreseeable season of our lives, and you’ll hear more from us about how that’s going in the months to come.

Between all that, we had some family visiting from Korea, so we were able to rent a car and take a short road trip to Belgium. It was a great reminder for us both that doing things like this was one of many reasons that contributed to our move abroad. Hoping to share more photo-journal-esk posts about our travels while we are European residents for the time being!

Le Petit Sablon Square, 1890

Jardin Secret, our hotel of choice for location and charm.

Au Soleil for afternoon drinks on Rue du Marché au Charbon.

Palais de Justice, one of the largest structures in Brussels (finished in 1883).


A walk down Rue de Rollebeek for a hidden patio spot at Vertigo.

Café Capitale for breakfast, coffee, Monocle mag reading, and people watching.


A walk along the canals in Ghent.

Until the next road trip,

Chris and Sé