Moving to the Netherlands


Where do I even begin with this post? I suppose the title sort of gives it away, but we'd like to officially announce that we're moving to the Netherlands. This has been a long time coming, and we couldn't be more excited to share this news with you and also to give a small glimpse into how we got here.

at the end2.jpg

First of all, we've been slowly updating whenwewed since June of 2016. If you are still here reading these since then, we commend you. It's been a wild ride for us. This project started as a small idea that we had to do something creative together. We wanted a place to share our travels, a place to talk about marriage, and a place to just start conversation with others about topics we enjoy. We've met some incredible and incredibly talented people through this process. At times we have been diligent about keeping up with it, and other times we've had life steal away our full attention for a while. That's life -- full of its changing seasons.

Now, I'm sure you want to hear more about this move, but before we get there, a bit of back story will help. If you remember correctly, I (Chris) mentioned that a dream of mine was to pursue the foreign service. "Is that what you're doing?!", you may ask, but no. Not at all actually. Shortly after that time, slightly burnt out from grad school I started to pursue technology and learned to program. It quickly became evident that I loved the field, and I continued to pursue it. This brought on a full career change all while Sé was creating Modern Heirloom Studio. Fast forward a year or so and the two of us are in places that we couldn't have imagined a while back. It's been difficult at times, but it's also created a season where we were able to make some large decisions about the direction we wanted to head in the future. You've seen us post a lot about travel on here, and it's something we value tremendously. We believe it changes you. It causes you to look at others and yourself differently, to reflect on your place in the world, and to get a glimpse of what else is out there. It's been a dream of ours to be able to live and work abroad (second time for Sé), and through a series of early mornings, long nights, and invaluable connections, that dream is coming true.

Next month we will be moving to South Holland. I've accepted a job at a great company in Den Haag that has been very supportive in this transition, and we've been working out all of the details. We'll be sharing more about both the process of moving abroad, and of course what our experience is like as we begin to learn Dutch and integrate into our surroundings. We're sad to be leaving friends, family, and the home that we've created in Minneapolis, but we're equally as excited for this next chapter of our lives.

Lots to come in the next few weeks, but as always, thank you for journeying with us.

It means a lot.

Chris and Sé