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Hey friends,

We’re a week shy of our two month mark in the Netherlands and wanted to share a bit about how things are going. As we tried to sum up how different our lives are now that we’ve uprooted abroad, we realized that things are actually quite similar (maybe give us a few years and we may say otherwise) as they were back in the States.

Before we get into that, something that we’ve only begun to explore in the Netherlands is how close everything is here compared to the States. The photos shared here are from our recent “trip” to Amsterdam, which really isn’t a trip at all considering it’s a 45 minute train ride away.

Besides Sé starting over as an artist in Holland and working to build new connections while freelancing on the side, our day-to-day, weekend-to-weekend habits are still the same as they’ve always been. We work, drink coffee at cafés (we used to call them coffee shops in Minneapolis, but of course that’s a different story here), eat good food, go for walks around town (as we did around Lake of the Isles), and gather with friends (old friends, new friends, they are all good company).

There are small things that vary from our life in Minnesota like walking or taking the tram everywhere, eating way more cheese, meat, and bread (we never say no to charcuterie plates or Trappist beer), and the city views are definitely not the same with buildings dating back to the 13th century. No complaints about that!

When we initially started talking about the real possibility of moving, back in February of this year, we had lengthy conversations about everything that would be different. What we’re realizing after eight weeks of living here is that we could probably go anywhere in the world and somehow find ourselves doing the same old thing, just in a new environment.

We certainly hope to change and grow in our personal lives and in our careers here, but when it comes down to it—we are who we are. There’s an odd comfort to that. It has helped us adapt to our new city and make it feel like home. It seems silly, but we get really excited when our local barista or the guy at the pizza stand recognizes us as regulars. It makes this place feel more like home everyday.

thanks for journeying with us.

chat again soon,

chris and Sé

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