First week in Holland


Goededag, friends!

We are well into our first week in Zuid-Holland (South Holland), and honestly it feels like we've been here a month already. We've had a lot of fun exploring our new city, Den Haag, as you'll see in these photos!  However, the photos do not include the conversations we've had before bed wondering, "what have we done leaving everything we've built the last 10 years in Minneapolis?!" It certainly doesn't capture our Ikea runs (over an hour hopping from train to tram to bus) only to carry all our pots, pans, plates, bedding, back in those iconic blue Ikea bags for the commute home. We wish we had more hands to have captured that one actually--it was pretty hysterical! All that to say, it's been an amazing week getting to know a few of our favorite streets in town like Noordeinde and Prinsestraat among the many difficulties that come along with relocating to another country.

This move for us has been packed with a ton of emotions and hiccups, and has required of us our best sense of humor when things go wrong (which is basically 95% of the time). It's helped a ton that people are friendly here and willing to answer any questions we have (most of them in the grocery store while trying to translate words like "allesreiniger" when our phones aren't working properly)! We've spent most of our time trying to figure out what we need for our temporary apartment (3 month lease), as we didn't bring anything besides our 5 suitcases!

We've also found some great cafes in town which was a big priority on our list. We do have a favorite already out of the 4 that we've tried so far, but that will be for another time!

One last fun surprise for us this week has been finding out that we live 10 minutes away from the beach! Our city is known to be half beach town and the other half old government buildings with a big international presence. Scheveningen Beach was the perfect thing this week when Den Haag hit a record high temperature of 37℃ (about 99℉)!


Thanks for cheering us on from afar. We don't take it for granted that we've had such great support from our family and friends in all of this. Hope you're able to enjoy the adventure with us.

Until next time,

Chris and Sé

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