Evening in Door County


On a recent trip home to visit my (Chris’s) parents, we were able to sneak away for a night further up into Door County thanks to their thoughtful gift. We had an incredible night. We stayed in the same bed and breakfast as we did for our honeymoon, and we had arguably the best meal we’ve had in a while. During our little getaway we reflected on how relaxing the night was and how lucky we felt to both stay in such an amazing place and also enjoy such a delicious meal. This led to a conversation about the importance of intentionality when you are traveling, whether you have a month, week, or day. You’ll notice that a lot of our travel posts seem to have a similar feel and theme. The places we frequent almost seem to “go together”. That’s by design. Aesthetic and quality are important to both of us, so when we travel, we try to keep that in our consideration.

With that being said, we thought we’d share a few pointers with you that we follow on our trips that should be transferable to your travels either in your own city or abroad.

Photo by Door County Today

Photo by Door County Today

The first one seems pretty obvious, but do your research. While we’ve had some great luck just wondering into places before, but we’ve also had some of our worst meals that way when traveling. The internet is full of reviews and information for the vast majority of places you find yourself. We’ve found that by doing this, even on a short trip, you’re able to limit down your options. The example I’ll use for this is how we found the restaurant we visited during our night in Door County. We checked into our bed and breakfast and one of the first things I did was search the internet for the top rated restaurants in Door County. One of the top results that stood out to us was a restaurant called Wickman House. It stood out not just because of the rating, but because it had been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, as well as Buzzfeed just to name a few. That in itself didn't necessarily mean it would be great, but it definitely caused me to take a closer look. Upon closer look, we noticed they had another smaller restaurant in the family, Trixies, which was actually closer to our location. The pictures looked stunning, the menu looked unique, the focus on women winemakers, and the story including the owners Grandmother all grabbed our attention. This all maybe took ten minutes, but it resulted in us having one of the best meals we’ve had in quite some time instead of a subpar one. Always do a quick search.


Another pointer is to utilize what your interests are. Seemingly obvious, but it’s important to think about what types of things you enjoy, find the top sites for those things, and then query them for options. One example of this is our love for coffee. When traveling we rarely visit shops just by chance. A resource that we often use for this specifically is a website called Sprudge. A quick search for the city we’ll be going to on there often results in an article leading us to great coffee. The same concept can be applied to whatever you’re interested in -- wine, museums, sports, etc. Going on a trip an enjoying the types of things you enjoy at home are always a plus.

The final tip we’ll leave you with is to pay attention on social media to the tags and locations of places that look interesting to you. We’ve found some wonderful spots just by searching Instagram for a location that we’ll be going to. At times this can also result in some pretty great local spots as well. This is actually how I originally found the bed and breakfast that we stayed at for our honeymoon, not looking on Instagram, but other social media-like sites. We found pictures of a place near the water and that fit the style we wanted, and it ended up being perfect. We’ve since gone back, and we always enjoy our stay.

I hope this gives you a small glimpse into how to make some of our decisions while traveling, and hopefully, it will help you make yours as well.  It's always worth taking a bit of time and doing some research!

Until next time,

Chris and Sé