Easy Like Sunday Morning

Just as the title states, I’m swaying back and forth to Lionel Richie’s buttery voice as I write this post. It really does help capture the carefree and feminine nature of my style, so go ahead and look up that album (by Commodores) in your spotify if you’d like.

As an artist, I express much of my individuality through what I choose to wear. My style changes as I change (and seasons change), but a few distinctives have always carried on throughout the years. For me, it has to be as effortless as possible, or else I would stay in my pajamas all day. I’m an early riser who will spend 1-2 hours sipping on coffee, eating a full breakfast, and doing some light reading until I need to be out the door in fifteen minutes. And let’s be real, those fifteen minutes need to include a lot more than putting together an outfit. This probably explains my mostly neutral color palette that can be thrown together with just about anything.

Another distinctive is my own concept of femininity. Growing up, I was told that I wasn’t feminine enough because I didn’t like hot pink, loved playing on dirt mounds, and I hated doing my nails. This is undoubtedly a very narrow way of describing what it means to be feminine, but as a kid, you end up believing the most ridiculous stuff that folks say about you. In recent years, I’ve come to own my version of femininity with my sense of style being just one of many ways to express it.

This post was visually captured by an incredibly talented friend, Alex Ry.

She is a visionary in every way and you do not want to miss her upcoming projects.



My summer go-to has been this black leather clutch from a small shop in Garosu-gil, Seoul.

Easy Like Sunday5

Culottes (Zara) are all things breezy and wonderful. Transitional pieces are a must when living in the Midwest, so this one will see three out of the four seasons!


This may be my favorite piece of clothing from Seoul, ever. I absolutely love the boxy silhouette on this number and have a hard time not throwing this on every singe day. 


Jumpsuits are as easy as they come. If you nodded your head along to my thoughts above about my morning routine, this will give you 14 minutes and 45 seconds (out of 15) to get ready for your day.

Easy Like Sunday15