Well friends, it's been quite a while. We have a lot of good reasons, but we also have reasons that will clue you into this truth: Marriage is hard work. It's the best kind of work, but it doesn't come without its challenges and reminders that we're actually just two human beings. And we're as human as they come. 

The last few months have been filled with opportunity, exciting work, and investing our time individually to purse some big dreams we both have. It's been a lot of late nights, early mornings, and eventually less and less time spent with one another. Inherently, this will be something we try to find balance in for the rest of our lives as husband and wife. We're three and a half years in and still very much learning what that looks like. 

We never thought that a novelty holiday would make us realize we needed to slow down and intentionally schedule time to be with each other. So, Valentines this year in our house was a much more emphasized holiday than it normally is. We were so grateful that Ivy Christina came over to our place to capture some of the fun things we did during the week like baking cherry pie together! If you know us, you know that only one of us is the cook in our family and the other is just a really great eater (and occasional dishwasher). It was one of our favorite afternoons we've had in a long time, and Ivy's way of storytelling will give you a much better idea of our time than our words!


We were blessed with some incredible cherry pie filling from Door County, where Chris grew up. (Thanks dad!)

While our pie was baking, Ivy captured some sweet moments with us around the house. 

When We Wed Valentines
When We Wed Valentines

We needed this time much more than we realized, and we're looking forward to March as we intentionally slow down and pack light on our calendars. With that, we're also really excited to share what we've been working so hard on this last month or so! 

Always, thanks for journeying with us,

Chris and Sé