As we sat down and started to brainstorm about whenwewed, a few things were clear about what we wanted to focus on. Not only did we want to have a creative avenue for the two for us to express ourselves, but in midst of thinking about it we realized that the Twin Cities were full of places we loved and artists that are incredibly talented. We wanted a way to combine all of those. We decided to reach out to a group of artists to see if they’d be willing to collaborate and showcase some of their work. We’ve been overwhelmed thus far by the willingness both to create and collaborate.

One of those artists we reached out to was Isaiah Stofferahn. Through his work we were taken to another place. We felt like we were actually feeling the mist of the waterfall he shot, hearing the wind blow through the trees of the forests he explored, and got to see glimpses of real people being in their element. When we were able to meet Isaiah in person, his passion not only for photos, but for getting to know people was evident. He’s the kind of guy you know you’ll have a good time getting a drink with, talking about life and just being.

One of the places we love to go to in Minneapolis is Norseman Distillery. Having quite different tastes, Sé and I don’t really find places that we both immediately love. However, the first time we stepped into Norseman it was like our styles collided. We loved it. The minimal interior with white walls and ceiling and carefully placed wood, leather and  metal accents. I also love mixed drinks. I love the art of making them, the flavors that are expressed, and the conversation had drinking them with friends. The bartenders at Norseman are knowledgeable, friendly, and they love what they do.

Check out Isaiah’s work here, and stop by Norseman Distillery. You won’t be disappointed. My drink of choice is the Toronto, a whiskey based drink that features their in-house Fernet, and Sé prefers the classic Mojito.

Norseman Distillery3
Norseman Distillery6
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