Goodbye Summer

This summer has been undoubtedly good to us. We’ve spent much of our time traveling, but when we’ve been home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we’ve found ourselves enjoying the lake near our house, eating all of our favorite fruits in-season, and regularly taking our dinners to this dreamy spot. It’s what I would call a pack-and-play for adults. We bring cheese, crackers, wine, beer, La Croix, simple sandwiches, Monocle magazines, books, and our portable Bose speaker (on this occasion we listened to Érik Satie).

Oh, and chocolate. We can’t forget that!

This little picnic was on one of the few warm days left as we transition into Fall, and it felt like one last bear hug from Summer until next time. We reflected on what this season has brought into our marriage--new experiences in exchange for the comforts of a stable career, celebrations after achieving a much anticipated graduate degree, along with this new journey of We didn’t know what it would look like (and in many ways we still don’t), but we’ve been surprised by the conversations and encouragement we’ve received from folks in all different walks of life. As we move forward with more collaborations and adventures, we hope to continue the rich conversations around life, relationships, doubts, joys, etc.

Here’s to Fall.

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Goodbye Summer6
Goodbye Summer7