Last month, we were in London taking in all the sights and sipping caps along the way. As the year comes to a close, we are again reminded of how different our life is now after Sé quit her full-time career in higher ed to pursue something we both wanted to achieve in the last years of our twenties. Our travels have been so enriching for us as we have been learning to broaden our worldview and gain a sense of what global citizenship means for our family. 

This trip to London was of course filled with good coffee (that's mostly what you'll find below), but we experienced so much more than that. We attended services at Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral, were googly eyed at all the art in the National Gallery and British Museum, and even met with some friends over a good meal. 

These photos are just a smidgen of our trip, but nonetheless we hope you enjoy them!

Being avid Monocle readers over the last 3 years, we had to make our first coffee stop at Monocle Café!


Small, curated shops like Trunk came in highly recommended, and we concor.

Always bringing some of our Minnesota favorites with us, like BlackBlue (Jacket by Arpenteur),

Wilson and Willy's (Gunflint Trouser), Duluth Pack (cap), and Red Wing (boots). 

A cozy little hideaway at Tap Coffee


Morning cup at Prufrock Coffee (Chris's personal favorite).

The best meal goes to St. John's and to the right is our morning view from the hotel.

  Hope to be back soon, London!



Chris and Sé