Amsterdam in the Fall

While we were a bit sad to see summer go, that sadness was trumped by the arrival of fall. Arguably our favorite season, we didn’t hesitate to break out the boots and sweaters. To kick the fall off we wanted to take a little trip. Amsterdam had been on both of our minds lately so we decided to head to the canals.

The weather was perfect, the coffee was balanced, and the art incredible. We spent quite a bit of time in the Rijksmuseum gazing at Rembrandt's and drooling over the library. In some of our previous trips we tried to pack a lot of stuff in a very short time. This trip, we both just wanted to relax, take a break from work, enjoy a drink, and grab a book.

During this trip we talked a lot about how surroundings affect us. Much of what we see inspires us to create. In some ways I’d say we are both in a “soaking up” stage and trying to learn and see as much as we can in hopes to create new and dynamic things. I mentioned that we spent a lot of time looking at Rembrandt's paintings on this trip. It’s incredible to think that much of what inspired him in Amsterdam still stands today. We very well may have been sitting down near the same canal viewing the same architecture. It’s quite humbling and exciting to think of that.



Casual drinks and small bites at Het Warenhuis